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ID # 18925862

Krone Rear-mounted disc mowers ActiveMow

Call for Price
  • Side-pull mowers with huge pivoting angle
  • Optimum ground pressure from responsive tension springs
  • Easy ground pressure adjustment on pins and without tools
  • Efficient driveshaft based driveline
  • Robust and fully welded cutterbar without inner shoe
  • Quick-change blades SafeCut INSIDE – individual disc protection
  • SmartCut – optimum orbital overlaps for stripeless cuts
  • Upright and mid-mount transport position for compact travel, a balanced weight distribution and clear view to the rear
  • Optional stands for upright storage and minimum space requirement
Rear-mounted disc mowers ActiveMow
Sale Type
SmartCut: With some discs turning in pairs towards each other and others away from each other, it was necessary to redesign the degree of blade overlap to ensure cleanest cuts. Therefore we increased the overlap between those discs that turn outwards. This way you achieve stripeless cuts in light and young material. The large spacing between the blades spinning away from each other encourages a smooth flow in high volumes of crop.ActiveMow Seite 06 Bild 0002
Damage protection The rounded wear plates between the skids protect the cutterbar from damage. A special contour on the underside prevents any material from building up here, ensuring an undisturbed crop flow to the rear.ActiveMow Seite 07 Bild 0004


the cutterbar

You can depend on it

  • Fully welded cutterbar – heavy-duty, leak-proof and permanently lubricated
  • Durable satellite driveline with big spur gears for quiet running and greatest efficiency
  • No inner shoe – no blockages
The enclosed and fully welded cutterbar complies with the highest quality standards and continues to give leak-free Service even after many years of hard work. Massive and oil-immersed spur gears guarantee quiet and reliable running in permanent operation and under the highest workloads.
Heavy-duty and flexible: The wedge-shaped cutterbar offers many height setting options. The spur gears run in massive double bearings, allowing the cutterbar to handle extremely high loads.ActiveMow Seite 07 Bild 0002
The original The established driveline is based on satellite gears – a KRONE development that for decades has proven extremely well all over the world. Massive spur gears with up to 59 teeth transmit the drive power all the way down to the very last disc. These large-diameter gears reduce the speed and accommodate more teeth. So, there are always more teeth are in mesh with the neighbouring spur gears, which leads to extremely quiet running, ultimate efficiency and maximum longevity. Each of the auxiliary gears arranged ahead of the spur gears drives just one individual disc and is therefore exposed to minimum loads.ActiveMow Seite 04 Bild 0002
No inner shoe: The drive power flows via a right-angle gearbox which is arranged immediately behind the inner top hat – a design that ensures blockage-free operation on headlands and in awkwardly shaped fields.ActiveMow Seite 05 Bild 0003


the working formula

The formula that works for you

Tractor attachment with three-point headstock

Large travel range for superior performance in mountainous terrain

Direct and frictional driveline ensures no power is lost

Working a full width by refitting pin on the link arms

Heavy-duty: The three-point headstock is sturdy and robust. There is also a holder where you can store the driveshaft after removing the machine from the tractor.ActiveMow Seite 16 Bild 0003
Constant-velocity and high-torque driveline: The drive power flows down a frictional driveline made up of pto shafts and gearwheels, a system that warrants an efficient transmission of the power from the tractor all the way down to the discs – even in the most difficult conditions.ActiveMow Seite 17 Bild 0002


optimum ground pressure

Optimum ground pressure from 2.05 m to 3,61 m

  • Suspension springs for optimum ground pressure and uniform cuts
  • Convenient pin setting system
  • Optimum contour following thanks to responsive suspension springs
One coil spring: The low dead weight of the ActiveMow R 200 model allows using one suspension spring that offers infinitely variable adjustment.ActiveMow Seite 18 Bild 0002
Two coil springs The ActiveMow R 240 model has two suspension springs which are adjusted without tools. The top spring is adjusted on a spindle whereas the smaller spring is adjusted by refitting a pin.ActiveMow Seite 18 Bild 0003
Three suspension springs: ActiveMow R 280, R 320 and R 360 have three adjustable suspension springs – two large top springs and one smaller spring arranged underneath.ActiveMow Seite 19 Bild 0003


perfect in every detail
  • Gentle on the sward
  • Replaceable knife pins and wear parts
  • Wide skids protect the cutterbar
Quick-change blades, low wear costs and perfectly aligned discs for stripeless cuts are only some of the benefits ActiveMow users buy.
Quick-change blades are a must for many farmers and contractors. The blades are quick and easy to reverse or replace in situ.ActiveMow Seite 11 Bild 0001
On-board storage box: The on-board drawer holds spare blades and keeps the cab clutter-free.ActiveMow Seite 10 Bild 0003
Easily accessible: The deck folds up to give easy access to all components for cleaning and convenient blade replacement.ActiveMow Seite 10 Bild 0002


windrowing or spreading
One windrow or two windrows: The eccentric bearings are positioned in such a way that the discs turn inwards to the middle of the machine. On the ActiveMow R 200, R 240, R 280 and R 320 models the discs spin in the sense of rotation that is considered as ‘A’, producing one single windrow. By comparison, spinning in the ‘A’ sense of rotation, the ActiveMow R 360 model delivers two windrows.ActiveMow Seite 08 Bild 0002
Advantages of windrowing Windrowing offers a number of benefits on wet and boggy ground, because the material is not pressed into the ground by the tractor wheels and can be collected or conditioned without losses.ActiveMow Seite 08 Bild 0004
Spreading across the full width: The ActiveMow models that have their discs spin in pairs in the sense of rotation considered as ‘B’ spread the material across the cutting width.ActiveMow Seite 09 Bild 0002
Advantages of spreading: Material that is not windrowed but spread across the full working width dries faster and more uniformly, because a larger surface area is exposed to the sun and wind.ActiveMow Seite 09 Bild 0004


practical and well-designed
Stands are available as an option to store the machine either in work or transport position – saving valuable space in the machine shed. The top guard folds automatically when EasyCut R 360 moves into transport or park position thereby reducing the machine’s height (left).ActiveMow Seite 21 Bild 0001
Easy attachment and removal: Attachment and removal is very easy once the handle has been released to decompress the spring. This feature is available on the ActiveMow R 240, R 280, R 320 and R 360 models. There is no need to unhook the spring.ActiveMow Seite 19 Bild 0005
Safe transport: The ActiveMow mower swings up into a 100° position behind the tractor. Reducing the weight on the right rear wheel, this position results in smoother travel and a clear view to the rear through the mirror.ActiveMow Seite 21 Bild 0002


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