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ID # 17287866

Great Plains 26'-50' Min-Till Folding

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Designed with large-scale operators in mind, Great Plains 2- and 3-Section Min-Till Drills deliver maximum productivity. Featuring the largest-in-class seed box, these high-capacity box drills cover the most acres every day and minimize fill time to keep operators in the field longer.

Waterproof lids provide maximum seed protection, and a wide walkboard makes the boxes easier to access. All models lift only the openers during field turns, reducing wear on the mainframe and speeding up end row cycle times.

These drills are designed to hug terrain over the machine’s full working width. Wing sections feature 20˚ of upward flex and 15˚ of downward flex for superior performance on terraced ground. When it’s time to get to the next field, drills can be folded to a narrow 15' and transported fully-loaded.


Model Numbers
2S-2600, 2S-2600F, 2S-2600HD, 2S-2600HDF, 3S-3000, 3S-3000F, 3S-3000HD, 3S-3000HDF, 3S-4000, 3S-4000F, 3S-4000HD, 3S-4000HDF, 3S-5000, 3S-5000F, 3S-5000HD, 3S-5000HDF

Product Description

26'-50' Min-Till Folding


26'-50' Min-Till Folding
Sale Type
Great Plains
product features


All Great Plains Hydraulic Down-Pressure Drills fold to a narrow 15' for safe, convenient transporting.

Constant Hydraulic Down Pressure

This feature optimizes seed placement at all times. Active hydraulics keep openers in uniform contact with soil in uneven conditions and varying soil types. Down pressure is applied independently at both ends of each subframe, maximizing opener ground-hugging capabilities.

00 & 00HD Series Openers

00 Series openers utilize 13.5", 4mm disc blades with a ¼" leading edge. The 00HD Series opener is “beefed up” with a stronger opener body and heavier down-pressure springs than the standard 00 Series. Its 15", 4mm blades are offset ½" for better penetration in harsher field conditions.

T-Handle Depth Control

T-handle offers 18 different positions for accurate depth control.

Press Wheel Options

Single press wheels include 3"x13" double* or center rib, 2"x13" smooth, or 3"x14" peak. Double press wheels include 1"x12" or 1.25"x13" wedge-style press wheels and are only available on 7½" or 10" spacings. (*Only available by special order through Parts)

Lower Opener Pivot Point

Openers pivot around gauge wheel axles, improving opener contact with the ground on terraces and undulations.

All Seed or Seed & Dry Fertilizer

Choose all seed or seed/fertilizer models. Fertilizer units let the operator partition off the large 3.2 bu./ft. seed box to get the best ratio of seed to fertilizer. Partitions include: 60% seed to 40% fertilizer; 68% seed to 32% fertilizer; or 55% seed to 45% fertilizer.