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ID # 17287856

Great Plains 706NT

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The Great Plains 7' End Wheel No-Till Drill (706NT) offers the perfect balance between smaller drill versatility and larger drill productivity. This unit is at home seeding in a wide variety of applications, from pasture renovation to mine reclamation.

Designed for excellent ground gauging in rugged terrain, the drill’s inline end wheels minimize sideloading on contours and side-hills, dramatically extending the life of the no-till openers.

The 706NT comes standard with a 17-bushel main seed box. A small seeds box can be added, along with either a native grass box, a fertilizer box, or a second seed box. The drill’s other features include 4-speed gearbox(es), mechanical clutch for end-row turns, a calibration crank, central grease bank, and rain-tight lids for maximum seed and fertilizer protection.


Model Numbers

Product Description

7' End Wheel No-Till Compact Drill


Sale Type
Great Plains


product features


Disengages all drive components, reducing wear and tear during transport.


With the high clearance and end wheel design, the 706NT can virtually go anywhere your tractor can pull it without gouging or bottoming out.


Six-position hitch adjusts to your tractor's hitch height to keep the drill level in planting position.

T-Handle Opener Depth Adjustment

Provides 18 different positions for accurate seed depth control.

Press Wheel Options

Choices include, from left, single 3"x13" double rib press wheels*; 3"x13" center rib press wheels; single 2"x13" smooth press wheels; 1"x12" double-V press wheels; or wedge-style press wheels that create a pinching action to close the trench. (*Only available by special order through Parts)

Lead Coulter Options

Choose between a wide 3/4" wavy coulter, a 5/8" Turbo coulter blade that is aggressive and prepares a mini seedbed ahead of the opener, or a 5/16" fluted coulter blade that penetrates easily to perform minimum tillage.

End Wheel Design

Large end wheels stay on side hills and maintain accurate seed placement in undulating terrain. Lockout hubs save drive components from wear.

4-Speed Gearbox

Changing seed rates is quick and effortless with these permanently lubricated, sealed gearboxes.

06 Series Opener

The 06 Series row unit utilizes the “Fluff and Plant” no-till system with an integrally-mounted coulter to cut residue and prepare a mini seedbed for the trailing double-disc opener. The opener discs are 13.5" in diameter and 4mm thick with 205 triple-lip sealed bearings, and ¼" opener disc lead. Our unique full-length seed tube design and trailing flap control the seed all the way to the bottom of the seed trench where the seed stays in place.