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ID # 17287836

Great Plains Ultra-Disk™

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The Great Plains Ultra-Disk is a cross between a European high-speed disk and a standard disk harrow, giving producers a tillage solution like never before. The exclusive Ultra-Disk design is set to endure heavy-residue field conditions with 24" blades and more clearance between gangs. Its parallel gangs enable soil to be worked from 2" to 5" deep for consistent, primary tillage at higher operating speeds than a conventional disk.

The Ultra-Disk is equipped with serrated, low-concavity SpeedBlades™ that cut and incorporate residue better than competitive concave blades. SpeedBlades turn 5% faster than concave blades with less sliding and reduced compaction. As one of the sharpest blades on the market, SpeedBlades™ have self-sharpening capabilities and a larger blade surface, allowing it to stay sharper longer and maintain its shape as it wears.

The sturdy, well-balanced design of the Ultra-Disk accommodates heavier, more aggressive rear attachments, while reducing negative tongue weight. To maintain consistent depth across the entire width of the machine, gang spreads are shorter front-to-rear than those on traditional tandem disks.

With a choice of three finishing attachments, producers can customize their Ultra-Disk to fit their field conditions. For those who have traditionally used a European high-speed disk or a standard disk harrow, the industry-leading Great Plains Ultra-Disk provides the advantages of both products packed into one aggressive tool.

Model Numbers

UD2200, UD2600, UD3000, UD3300

Product Description

A Tillage Solution Like Never Before

Sale Type
Great Plains


MODELS UD2200 UD2600 UD3000 UD3300
NUMBER OF BLADES 54 66 74 82

WEIGHT (approx. max weight w/o attachments)

18,840 lbs 17,500-23,800 lbs 19,300-24,400 lbs

20,600-28,300 lbs


240+ 280+ 330+




22' 26' 8"

33' 4"


15' 7" 15' 2"
15' 2"

18' 6"


11' 6" 13' 4"






product features

2-Bar Coil Tine and Seedbed Conditioner Reel Combination Three Choices of Finishing Attachments

Each hydraulically-controlled rear attachment creates a uniform seedbed by breaking up clods and consolidating soil for uniform density. • The MaxLift™ cast roller aggressively firms and corrugates the soil to limit wind erosion and capture winter moisture. • The seedbed conditioner reel, with its 17-inch roller and 1-inch rods, leaves the ground smoother in low residue situations and permits seeding directly behind the unit. • Combine two-bar coil tines with the seedbed conditioner reel to evenly distribute residue, leaving the ground smooth for planting.

Parallel Gangs Parallel Gangs

The Ultra-Disk’s combination of parallel gangs with low-concavity SpeedBlades allows it to perform at higher speeds than a conventional disk. It sizes and buries residue as well as or better than a conventional double-offset or tandem disk, leaving a high-quality finish.

Low Concavity SpeedBlades™ Low Concavity SpeedBlades™

With a 5% faster turning speed than regular-concavity blades, the exclusive SpeedBlade aggressively powers through heavy residue and thoroughly mixes soil at higher speeds without ridging. Its self-sharpening serrated blade works like a standard notched blade, but stays sharper longer and maintains its shape as it wears. With more blade surface, the SpeedBlade wears better and lasts longer than competitive blades with larger notches.

Individual C-Shanks Individual C-Shanks

The 24" blades are mounted on individual, heavy-duty C-shanks. These run at an 18° angle on the front gangs and a 14° angle on the back gangs, with 10" spacing for excellent residue flow with effective cutout.

Hydraulic Fore/Aft Leveling

Hydraulic fore-and-aft leveling simplifies field adjustments to create a smooth finish in any soil condition.

Heavy-Duty Maintenance-Free Bearings Heavy-Duty Maintenance-Free Bearings

Cast hubs with “preset” tapered bearings handle sideloading more reliably than competitive ball bearings. These maintenance-free bearings have a six-lip seal on each side to lock in grease and prevent contamination, extending the life of bearings and reducing maintenance time and costs.