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ID # 14726378

Kubota DMC8028T

Call for Price

DMC8000 Series left-handed drawbar disc mower conditioners are equipped with features such as fully welded cutterbar, independent active suspension, your choice of SemiSwing or chevron roller conditioners, and FlipOver wide spreading to meet every request with exceptional performance.




Three-Bladed Discs
With three blades per disc Kubota mowers are constantly cutting. This means a third less load per blade; an even load on the drive; smoother power usage; and produces a neat, cleanly cut stubble.


Fully Welded Cutterbar
The Kubota cutterbar’s high oil capacity ensures a very low working temperature for efficient oil cooling and lubrication of the entire cutterbar. The fully welded cutterbar with overlapping C-channels makes for a very stiff and strong design, ensuring very high level of durability.


Kubota Suspension for Clean Cutting Action
The complete mowing section, including the conditioner, is suspended independently from the main chassis by either two or four long adjustable suspension springs, allowing field tracks and contours to be closely followed. If an obstacle is encountered in the field, the mowing section will lift up and backwards, protecting the cutterbar from damage. When the obstacle is passed, the mowing section automatically returns to the working position.



Drawbar Left hand
Conditioner SemiSwing
Cutting Width ft. (m) 9’2” (2.8)
Weight approx. lbs (kg) 4013 (1820)
Transport width ft. (m) 8’10” (2.7)
Hitch (CAT) Cat 2 or pin hitch
PTO (RPM) 540 • / 1000 o
Min. PTO horsepower req. (hp) 70
Number of discs and blades 8 / 24
Remotes 2
Cutterbar operating range ° -17 / +17
Stubble height inch (mm) 1.18”-1.57” (20-50)
Cond. rotor speed 450 o / 600/900
Tyres 380/55-17


Sale Type
540 rpm or 1000 rpm
Cutting Width
9'2''- 10'6''
Min Horse Power