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ID # 14726354

Kubota RB1660

Call for Price

The Land Pride RB16 Series Rear Blades offer 3-way positioning (blade angle, blade tilt, and blade offset) and are an excellent choice for leveling, finish grading, and backfilling applications at feedlots, outdoor arenas, building sites, nurseries, and maintenance operations on farms, ranches, or home owner lanes, and roadways.




Blade Angles Left And Right Up To 45 Degrees In Forward Position And 30 Degrees In Reverse Position

(7 Forward positions in 15 degree increments and 3 reverse positions in 30 degree increments) Many angles for diverse jobs and results.


Blade Offsets 12” Left And Right

Manually move moldboard to cover either tractor tire.


Blade Tilts Up Or Down Up To 15 Degree

(5 positions: Center, 2 clockwise, and 2 counterclockwise) Allows operator to do simple tasks such as putting a crown in the middle of a road to making V-type ditches.


Reversible Cutting Edge

For twice the life.


Parking Stand

Store unit with front of hitch off the ground, allows for easier hook-up.


Models  HP Range   Blade Width  Moldboard Height
RB1660 20- 40 HP 60" 14" 


Sale Type
HP Range
20 - 40 HP
Blade Width
60'' - 84''
Moldboard Height